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    never argue with a girl who has a gun

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    are dogs even real?

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    I actually just started tearing up in the middle of the marshall center lol

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    Christy’s medical fundraiser is still going strong. There has been an incredible outpouring of love and support for her, helping her reach 59% of her treatment goal. That said, she still has a long way to go before she has enough for the care she needs. Help Christy Mack get medical treatment by donating today.


    Bad news, friends. 

    Christy Mack, model, bolt-on bearing pornstar and all-around sweetheart, loved by many (including us here at FYFT), was viciously and brutally attacked and beaten by ex-boyfriend “War Machine” aka Jon Koppenhaver on Friday August 8, 2014. It’s a miracle she was able to escape with her life. She is currently being hospitalized for 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken nose in 2 places, several missing and broken teeth, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver, injured leg and swelling. She is currently unable to walk on her own or chew due to the injuries. 

    Currently, Christy’s medical expenses are over $100,000. If Ms. Mack has brought any joy to your world, you should really reach out and support her when she needs it most. You can donate to her medical fund here

    "War Machine" — and yes, this weapons-grade douchebag really did legally change his name to War Machine —  is currently on the run and there is a $10,000 reward being offered for any information that leads to his arrest. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please call Crime Stoppers at 720-385-5555.

    Please signal boost the fuck out of this. Let’s all show Ms. Mack that we love her. 

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